Founded in 2010, Hospital Alliance Group opened the doors to our first sleep clinic in Espanola, Ontario with the goal of enabling rural residents the opportunity to access an extensive range of specialized healthcare services where they may otherwise be limited.

With the success of our initial clinic, our organization has since proudly partnered with several other hospitals and grown to include 6 Sleep Laboratories and 1 Pulmonary Function clinic in various rural communities. Our locations facilitate access to virtual and in-person consultations, diagnostic assessment, and treatment for a broad spectrum of pulmonary illnesses and sleep related disorders.

Our Sleep Medicine Specialists and Respirologists have extensive experience in acute care settings and our management team responsible for day-to-day operations have been working with hospital staff to provide access to these and other services for several years.

We are dedicated and committed to expanding our facilities to ensure a greater number of patients living in rural communities across Ontario continue to have access to the same exceptional healthcare services that we currently provide.

Hospital Alliance Group specializes in sleep study assesments within hospital environments through strong partnerships. Our track record is reflected in successfully establishing and managing numerous sleep clinics and providing needed medical specialists to help patients in the community.
Utilizing the latest sleep study technology combined with comprehensive treatment programs covering a a wide range of sleep disorders, we integrate a multi-disciplinary approach (breathing therapy, mechanical therapy, behavioral therapy, light therapy) to improve sleep quality for optimal physical and mental health outcomes.
We are focused on providing diagnostic assessment delivered by experienced physician specialists and allied health professionals. Our team of seasoned Sleep Medicine Specialists collectively have over seventy five years of experience in acute care environments while our expert management team seamlessly coordinate with hospital staff.

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